Thursday, December 21, 2006

decision 2006

OK, so I think sometime during the night I've come to decision about the whole baby thing. I think I'm going to talk to the hubs about it. There. I've said it. It's out there for the whole world to see (which is kind of funny because no one but me and my alter ego reads it). The weird thing though is that I don't remember thinking about or coming to a conscious decision about this. I just woke up this morning and new that this was the plan. So here's to getting knocked up in 2007. Oh, and by the way, I learned from my Grandmother that "knocked up" isn't a nice phrase. Sorry Gram.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i need a nap. not a "nap" but a nap.

I'm in the middle of a condumdrum. Do I get romantical with the hubs this weekend in the hopes that something will stick.....or do I listen to the little voice inside my brain that wants to know if ImoutofmyeverlovingmindIhaveabrandnewjobwithawholeboatloadofresponsibilitesanddontevenremotelyhavetimetohaveababy!

Random thought..."Little Drummer Boy" as sung by Marlene Dietrich just came on the station I'm listening to on my computer?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..........So what do I do about the fact that two little lines showed up on my pee stick and I'm evidently going to percolate within the next 24 to 36 hours? The fact that I am so insanely tired today I think has answered my question. Half of my staff has been gone this week with flu. And as a sidenote I don't think I have ever used up so much Lysol in my life! We'll just wait till next month I think.

I'm off to take a nap.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I just realized that I'm going to be 31 in 20 days!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!

ho, ho, ho.

I didn't freeze my ass off at the parade. I did just about loose my toes and fingers to frost bite however. It's funny how bad your aim will get when you can't feel the tips of your fingers. And before you ask, yes, I had gloves on. But when it's 6 degrees out with the wind chill, one pair of gloves evidently doesn't cut it. I had fun though. It sort of put me back in the Christmas spirit. So much so that I bought a cd player for the office. The staff had mentioned several times that the one they had didn't work. So just call me Santa.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

how an elf freezes her ass off

I'm going to be in the small town Christmas parade tonight. And freeze my ass off. At the moment, I'm not terribly thrilled at the thought of hanging off the side of a fire truck, hurling candy at small children. And the occasional cop. As I mentioned, it's cold. FREAKIN! cold. And I can't find my Santa hat. So now, I have to stop and get something to wear on my head, not only to keep from getting the ultimate brain freeze, but also so the other elf doesn't look like a dork. And trust me, she'll try to kick my ass if I don't show up with something. But it will be fun and maybe knock me out of this little.........funk?.............I seem to be experiencing. You know the baby, lots of work, parents who don't appreciate the children they do have. It is nice to see kids go crazy over a fat guy in a red velour suit. Oh, and did I mention that our particular Santa doesn't like children?

FYI....the word "freakin'" showed up as "foreskin" in my spellcheck just now. Merry Christmas!