Wednesday, November 21, 2007

things i can no longer least for another 6 months

In no particular order....

1. Drink (although I don't really drink).
2. Smoke ( and I don't smoke).
3. Wear either of my two favorite dresses...the brown taffeta Banana Republic that's so very practical because it has pockets and my black and white B. Moss.
4. Curl up into a tight little ball as I watch a movie on my sofa with my afghan and cat. Sort of impedes that whole breathing thing a little.
5. Listen to opera. Especially La Bohem.
6. Stay awake past 9:15 pm.
7. Eat cottage cheese. Or look at cottage cheese. Or smell cottage cheese. Or even think about cottage cheese. In fact I'm done with cottage cheese all together.
8. Sleep on my stomach.
9. Clean the litter box (not really missing this one).
10. And by next week, button my jeans.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

I'm guessing I shouldn't invite you to join the rugby league I'm starting. At least until after you spurt the kid out.