Thursday, December 20, 2007

my day...or at least a close approximation of it so far

6:45 am My alarm goes off.

6:46 am The cat goes off because he wants his breakfast RIGHT NOW!

6:47-6:59 am Attempt to decide what to wear to work although it is an exercise in futility due to the fact that I am over 4 months preggers now and have about 6 things that I can wear to work. Come next week, my "fat girl" jeans that lurk in the back of every woman's closet will no longer fit bringing the number to 5.

7:00 am Watch the news on Good Morning America.

7:10 am Watch the local weather.

7:15 am Get up, shuffle in to bathroom to pee, wash my face, put in my contacts, pee again.

7:30 am Pull jeans out of dryer that I washed last night because they are what I'll be living in for the next week. See above.

7:35 am Shave legs which is becoming a challenge because when I bend over I can't breathe so well even this early in the game.

7:48 am Pee. Again.

7:50 am Put on make up.

7:55 am Fix hair.

8:04 am Pee.

8:05 am Eat breakfast. A lovely bowl of Fruity Cheerios. Good for me and baby.

8:15 am Give milk dregs from cereal bowl to cat.

8:16 am Pee.

8:18 am Brush teeth.

8:20 am Leave for work.

8:30 am Get to work.

8:31 am Pee.

The next five and a half hours are filled with Museum type things interspersed with a trip to the bathroom to pee every 30 minutes or so.

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